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Company Description

Fidelity Life & Health is a privately owned agency with corporate headquarters based in Austin, Texas and have serviced tens of thousands of clients across the country for nearly 13 years.

We are a full service agency with the ability to offer our clients a complete line of life and health insurance products for individual and business needs, from the top 100+ insurance companies in America.  We are proud to offer products such as: life, health, dental, disability, critical illness, cancer, Long Term Care, Annuities and Final Expense. In today’s insurance climate, providing a broad spectrum of products and companies are of utmost importance to the success of not only our agents, but most importantly, protecting our clients.

We are proud members of the MSEP (Military Spouse Employment Partnership Program) and the HEROS2HIRE program, both sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the DOJ (Department of Justice).

Job Description

We’re not seeking rock stars but well-rounded licensed candidates that possess the ability to be good listeners, work independently, follow up, close cases and have the desire to grow with our organization. Do you want a career path that can lead to upper management? Or do you prefer to remain an agent working at your own pace while making a difference for your clients and community? Financial Advisors/Agents with Fidelity can have the best of both worlds. We offer Part Time, Full Time and Franchise opportunities. From new agents to executive level agents, we have the support staff and training to accommodate each candidate at their own pace.

“All we ask in return is to honor our clients, our processes and yourself by being the best you can be every day.” Rob Berish, CEO/Founder.

At Fidelity, we believe, we’re all here to help each other.  It’s that simple.

There’s an old adage, “it takes a village to raise a child.”  Join Fidelity and make a difference protecting those you love and those around you in your community. Be more than an agent or a financial advisor. Be a leader and an advocate for our industry. When we advocate for the best possible coverage plans for those around us, then and only then, have we served them properly.

We work in teams. We win and prosper as a team.

We provide support systems and resources that enable each of our advisors to focus on what they do best, helping clients!  And as an independent company based in the lone star state, we’re big enough to write business in 47 states and have advanced systems in place that give agents a QUICK START helping families and making commissions.

Company benefits that can’t be beat.

  • Comprehensive ONE-ON-ONE training on how to sell insurance

  • 90 Days of comprehensive training & support

  • Sales Support on each sale to maintain an 80% + close ratio in the field!

  • Daily & weekly advanced commissions

  • Become a true broker representing the top 100 life and health companies in America

  • Working from a home-office, you control your schedule and environment

  • Enterprise cloud computing solution, custom designed for the insurance industry/professionals!

  • Custom scripts and presentations that give our agents an 80% +close rate in the field

  • 8 year average of $1,260 commission per application!

  • Gas bonuses, incentives, rewards and exotic trips

  • Medical, dental, vision, and retirement plans available for you and your family with qualifying production!

  • Free business cards & marketing materials

  • FREE, NEW, HOT, consumer generated leads from numerous sources. That’s right, we take the financial responsibility as an agency to provide you with the highest quality leads in the industry. We have potential clients waiting for you to call them right now!

  • DEDICATED ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT – We know the career path of the high producers. These are the people who have always been a top performer and at the top of their field. They know the fastest way to the top is to have a dedicated assistant helping them in all of their marketing activities: making calls, qualifying clients, setting appointments and helping to manage your weekly schedule.


  • Individual Term or Whole Life sale = $1,260

    • $1,260 x 1 app/week = $65K/year

  • Group life sales = $900 x # of employees

  • Mortgage Protection = $900

  • Major Medical = $150

  • Accidental Medical, Dental, Vision = $125

  • LTC = $8K – $10K

  • Annuity = $40K – $60K



About Fidelity Life And Health

Over the past 13 years we have consistently developed high producers in the insurance industry. Our “Broker” approach allows our Financial Advisors to have the lowest rate 99% of the time and also be able to offer coverage to 99% of our clients. We do not believe in “declines” and therefore specialize in Impaired Risk cases. Through our very natural selling process, we teach our clients that Life Insurance is not like other purchases. It’s not about you and your wants. It’s about the other people — your family. It’s an unselfish act that puts your dependents first and if anything were to happen to you, it ensures that they will be looked after and be able to maintain their standard of living. This is what gets clients buying from us, instead of us selling to them!

Want to schedule a 20 minute phone interview?

We have a solid program from beginning to end, we develop high volume producers, and are growing at a rapid rate. Due to a very high interest in this position we have streamlined our interview process to maximize our efforts and time. Since we are an agency connected to technology, we want to make sure that you are too. If you would like to find out more, please call one of our Executive Recruiters to set up a 20 minute phone interview.​

Interview Line: (888) 224-3071

We have a very impressive one-on-one Financial Advisor presentation designed to answer all of your questions about the position. We have been doing this for 13 years and have refined our process to attract the people who are trainable, those who are most interested in this position, and allow them to easily enter our interview process to explore becoming a part of our team. As a part of our team you will have the privilege of working free hot business and consumer life and health leads, receiving unparalleled sales support, experience an average close ratio of 80% in the field, an average commission of $1,260 per sale and a true opportunity to earn 6-figures your first year. Team Fidelity looks forward to hearing from you!

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Fidelity Life and Health is proud members of the MSEP (Military Spouse Employment Partner Program) and the HEROES2HIRE programs. Both programs are approved by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the DOJ. We proudly support our military, ex-military and spouses of military members!